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Ford 200 | November 16, 2007 | Race 25 of 25

011mh10.jpg (147148 bytes)

Tommy Morgan preparing the engine for qualifying and the race.

011mh1.jpg (139963 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck prepping the wheel hubs before first practice.

011mh2.jpg (152216 bytes)

Billy Hicks (green shirt) and Gary Showalter working on left front suspension of race truck.

011mh3.jpg (128472 bytes)

Crew pushing the Westerman Companies/Pollo Tropical Chevrolet towards NASCAR inspection.

011mh4.jpg (145814 bytes)

NASCAR inspectors checking body of the race truck with their templates.

011mh5.jpg (153275 bytes)

Shane watches a truck qualify on the Nextel Vision screen while waiting with race truck in inspection line.

011mh6.jpg (149960 bytes)

Tire specialist Clint Myrick preparing tires for battle.

011mh7.jpg (146737 bytes)

Pollo Tropical Restaurant guests pose for photo with Chad Chaffin before start of race.

011mh8.jpg (116914 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter going through his notes prior to first practice on Friday morning.

011mh9.jpg (123326 bytes)

Crew pushes race truck up pit road to begin inspection process.



11hm1.jpg (127357 bytes)

 Key Motorsports has changed its plans on its race truck selection for Homestead, electing to race the same truck that driver Chaffin drive at Texas a few weeks ago for the 
benefit of the Westerman Companies.

11hm4.jpg (58710 bytes)

The Pollo Tropical Family Restaurant chain will be an associate sponsor of the #40 truck in Homestead.

11hm3.jpg (102941 bytes)

Transporter operator Tim Taylor begins the loading process for the final race of the 2007 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series season.

11hm2.jpg (126636 bytes)

Crew members work to prepare the back-up truck for Friday's 2007 season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Casino Arizona 150 | November 09, 2007 | Race 24 of 25


11ph1.jpg (136352 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell (left) and Billy Hicks working on rear end of the race truck.

11ph2.jpg (136209 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck inside of right front wheel well installing duct work to brakes.

11ph3.jpg (135266 bytes)

Alice Cooperstown Sports 
Bar & Grill GM Jeff Myers and his wife, Heather, pose for a photo before the 
race with Chad.

11ph4.jpg (120670 bytes)

Chad Chaffin buckling in for his qualifying run.

11ph5.jpg (156900 bytes)

Tommy Morgan and Gary Showalter watch qualifying wearing their Alicecooperstown Sports Bar & Grills/Key Motorsports T-shirts.

11ph6.jpg (123379 bytes)

The new power plant is 
lifted into place.

11ph7.jpg (117467 bytes)

Crew chief Gary Showalter (left) supervises the removal of the blown engine during the final practice session.

11ph8.jpg (126995 bytes)

The famous Phoenix Int. Raceway hillside between turns 3 and 4 forms a 
majestic picture.

11ph9.jpg (76508 bytes)

The Alicecooperstown Sports Bar & Grill served as an associate sponsor of the race truck in Phoenix.

11ph10.jpg (168804 bytes)

The crew pushes the race truck up the qualifying grid on Friday afternoon.

11ph11.jpg (95407 bytes)

Chad examines DJ Safety's new 7-point harness seat belt system for DJ Safety sales rep Tim Dahlum in the team hauler.

11ph12.jpg (148480 bytes)

A spectacular Arizona sunset dressed up the sky just before race time on 
Friday night.

Silverado 350K | November 02, 2007 | Race 23 of 25


TX01.jpg (121773 bytes)

Crew chief Gary Showalter applying silicone to the right side window.

TX02.jpg (149082 bytes)

Tommy Morgan working on the engine area.

TX03.jpg (157057 bytes)

The crew swarms over the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet as they prepare for inspection.

TX04.jpg (116371 bytes)

Chad Chaffin working on his seat belts.


TX05.jpg (106560 bytes)

Crew member Shane Whitbeck wears a unique belt that features a digital message board. He displayed a message to congratulate driver Chad Chaffin on his 100th
career start.

TX06.jpg (140522 bytes)

Chad Chaffin's name lights up the Nextel Vision screen during driver introductions.

TX07.jpg (160293 bytes)

The Westerman Companies Chevrolet sits on the race track on the starting grid waiting for action.

TX08.jpg (83870 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck's digital message board belt buckle signifies Chad Chaffin's 100th race.


EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts 200 | October 27, 2007 | Race 22 of 25

10ta11.jpg (60391 bytes)

Steaz Organic Energy Drink increased their support of the #40 truck in Atlanta.

10ta9.jpg (126340 bytes)

Crew members watching the qualifying runs of other trucks on the Nextel Vision and scoreboard.

10ta7.jpg (114678 bytes)

Billy Hicks checking heights on the rear of the Atlanta race truck.

10ta1.jpg (126826 bytes)

The Key Motorsports crew goes to work making adjustments on Chad Chaffin’s Chevrolet Silverado during its one and only pit stop during the Atlanta race. (Photo courtesy of Ron German – The Healthy Beverage Company)

10ta8.jpg (110821 bytes)

Work progressing on the race truck inside the AMS 
garage area.

10ta5.jpg (184928 bytes)

Steaz Organic Beverages Southeast Regional Sales Manager Ron Germain (right) and a customer attended the Atlanta race and pose here with driver Chad Chaffin. Steaz sodas and energy drinks are product sponsors of the team.

10ta3.jpg (162938 bytes)

Crew members crawl underneath the damaged #40 Chevrolet trying to assess the damage following the wreck.

10ta2.jpg (143618 bytes)

The Atlanta Airport Hilton Hotel again partnered with Key Motorsports for the Atlanta race.

10ta6.jpg (146369 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell sits on the driver's door to simulate a driver's weight in balancing the race truck.

10ta4.jpg (109737 bytes)

The #40 Key Motorsports race truck appears on Nextel Vision making its Atlanta qualifying run.

10ta10.jpg (162767 bytes)

Other crew members examine the front end damage to the race truck.


10at3.jpg (109992 bytes)

The Chevrolet V-8 engine under the hood of the #40 Atlanta race truck.

10at4.jpg (110071 bytes)

Hicks installing shocks on primary Atlanta race truck.

10at5.jpg (105935 bytes)

Billy Hicks working under the rear end of the primary Atlanta race truck.

10at2.jpg (137365 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck working on the back-up Atlanta race truck.

10at1.jpg (112755 bytes)

Whitbeck working on right front suspension of the Atlanta back-up truck.


Kroger 200 | October 20, 2007 | Race 21 of 25

10mt01.jpg (129320 bytes)

Westerman Companies' customers and employees enjoying pre-race entertainment.

10mt010.jpg (136396 bytes)

Chad Chaffin signing autographs for guests at the Westerman Companies pre-race hospitality event.

10mt09.jpg (176150 bytes)

Key Motorsports crew members begin work on the race truck at Martinsville while the rain falls.

10mt08.jpg (96100 bytes)

Driver Chad Chaffin trimming some padding for his seat before practice.

10mt07.jpg (98942 bytes)

Tire specialist Clint Myrick busy at his craft.

10mt06.jpg (75440 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter checking team's track data before practice.

10mt05.jpg (120283 bytes)

Chad and Gary in a pre-practice skull session.

10mt04.jpg (117663 bytes)

Track drying equipment working hard to get race track race-ready during 
Friday's rain.

10mt03.jpg (129441 bytes)

Key Motorsports congratulated the daughter of Westerman Companies President/CEO Terry McGhee, Lindsay, and her husband Jesse Stebleton after their recent wedding with a special decal on the race 
truck's deck lid.

10mt02.jpg (99453 bytes)

Key Motorsports VP of Operations Rich Rubenstein (center) presents a cake to Westerman Companies newly weds Lindsay and Jesse Stebleton at pre-race hospitality event.


10mv2.jpg (89573 bytes)

 Chris "Peanut" Davis drilling holes in parts 
for the Martinsville race trucks.

10mv1.jpg (136159 bytes)

The primary and back-up race trucks for the Martinsville race both up on lifts getting their final prep work completed.

10mv3.jpg (152994 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell welding new bars to the Martinsville truck chassis.

10mv4.jpg (131370 bytes)

The primary Martinsville race truck on development.

Mountain Dew 250 | October 06, 2007 | Race 20 of 25


10tl01.jpg (163802 bytes)

Tire specialist Clint Myrick checking tire pressures in 
pit area.

10tl02.jpg (127823 bytes)

Front tire changer Jason Wells preparing his pit stop air 
gun for the race.

10tl03.jpg (88212 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck taping off the area where the race truck will stop during 
pit stops.

10tl04.jpg (142160 bytes)

The bin holding the NASCAR-mandated rear springs sits in the 
inspection area.

10tl05.jpg (96725 bytes)

A NASCAR inspector checking the rear end suspension underneath the race truck.


10tl06.jpg (112463 bytes)

Crew members getting the race truck ready for pre-practice inspection.

10tl07.jpg (116372 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck fabricating a part to help support the rear fender well area.

10tl08.jpg (122242 bytes)

Tommy Morgan watches a NASCAR inspector check 
engine parts.

10tl09.jpg (151985 bytes)

Alvin Chodora, Jr. (left) and Chris Stidd setting up the chairs by the Key Motorsports hauler.

10tl010.jpg (137101 bytes)

Volunteer utility worker Chris Stidd proudly displays his cell phone case that Kasey Kahne signed for him in Talladega.

10tl011.jpg (144563 bytes)

The #40 Key Motorsports Chevrolet sits on the staring grid for the Talladega assault.


09tl11.jpg (102925 bytes)

Tim Taylor carrying new axles for installation into the Talladega race trucks.

09tl12.jpg (141715 bytes)

The two Talladega race trucks (top and middle) under preparation.

09tl13.jpg (126013 bytes)

The new Talladega race truck ready to come off of the surface plate.

09tl4.jpg (111034 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck and other crewmen thrashing over primary Talladega race truck.

09tl5.jpg (84845 bytes)

Chris Davis working under front fender of primary Talladega race truck.

09tl6.jpg (97501 bytes)

Tire specialist Clint Myrick does some organizing with his race tire inventory.

09tl7.jpg (111963 bytes)

Tommy Morgan works on the engine for the back-up Talladega race truck.

09tl8.jpg (93659 bytes)

Billy Hicks examining axles for the Talladega primary and back-up race trucks.

09tl9.jpg (110634 bytes)

Body man Bobby Showalter working on seat positioning in the brand new Talladega race truck.


Smith's Las Vegas 350 | September 22, 2007 | Race 19 of 25


09vg08.jpg (118054 bytes)

Crew pushes the race truck towards the scales and inspection.

09vg07.jpg (110060 bytes)

A sleepy garage area awakens on race day as team trailers open up for activity.

09vg06.jpg (136403 bytes)

Gary Showalter (left) and Tommy Morgan working on engine prep.

09vg05.jpg (99403 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell working on the electrical wiring of the race truck.


09vg04.jpg (120997 bytes)

The Curtis Key Plumbing/Westerman Company Chevrolet sits in its garage stall in Las Vegas Motor Speedway's very unique Neon Garage Area.

09vg03.jpg (134822 bytes)

Billy Hicks working on right rear wheel hub during pre-race preparation.

09vg02.jpg (152520 bytes)

Jason Wells (left wheel) and Chris Davis setting the tow on the #40 race truck.

09vg01.jpg (97334 bytes)

The grandstands are empty as the teams began preparation for Saturday's racing at 6:30 a.m. in Las Vegas.


New Hampshire 200 | September 15, 2007 | Race 18 of 25

09nh09.jpg (96904 bytes)

The #40 Curtis Key Plumbing/Westerman Companies race truck was dedicated to the memory of 9-year-old Cheyenne McCall who lost her battle with leukemia on September 4.

09nh01.jpg (100275 bytes)

Crew members (from left) Chris Davis, Billy Hicks and Shane Whitbeck ham it up in the hauler during the rain delay with a pretend 
snoozing session.

09nh02.jpg (94967 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck adjusting front suspension between 
practice runs.

09nh03.jpg (135053 bytes)

Crew removing destroyed radiator from badly damaged front 
end of race truck.

09nh010.jpg (98508 bytes)

The bottom numbers represent the total weight of the race truck during inspection while the top number shows the
 left side weight.

09nh05.jpg (123941 bytes)

Chad fixing a taco during pre-race lunch.

09nh06.jpg (85501 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell is silhouetted against the bright afternoon sky in New Hampshire as he installs the team's direct TV dish prior to the 
start of the race.

09nh07.jpg (171333 bytes)

Chad proudly poses next to his #40 truck before 
start of the race.

09nh08.jpg (107258 bytes)

Chad Chaffin checking his seat and belts before climbing into the truck for the race.

09nh04.jpg (164061 bytes)

Wrecker bringing in the severly damaged race truck after lap 56 accident.



09nh444.jpg (143832 bytes)

Crew members thrash over the primary Key Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado
for the race in New Hampshire this weekend.

09nh111.jpg (145679 bytes)

Russo's Tinting installers applying windshield tear-offs to the primary New Hampshire race truck.

09nh222.jpg (103013 bytes)

Bobby Showalter building the shock absorbers for the New Hampshire race.

09nh333.jpg (145804 bytes)

Brad Neely working on rear of primary New Hampshire race truck.


Missouri/Illinois Dodge Dealers Ram Tough 200 
| September 1, 2007 | Race 17 of 25

09gt6.jpg (154602 bytes)

Brandon Miller helping crew push the Westerman Companies 
Chevrolet up the line before qualifying.

09gt1.jpg (102325 bytes)

A unique shot taken from the opening of the upright hood of Chris Davis working on suspension area.

09gt3.jpg (151627 bytes)

Crew stands at attention during the playing of the National Anthem just before race time.

09gt4.jpg (85792 bytes)

Brandon watching other trucks qualify from atop the Key Motorsports hauler.

09gt5.jpg (108622 bytes)

Brandon talks over last-minute strategy before qualifying run with Tommy Morgan (left) and crew chief Gary Showalter.

09gt7.jpg (109989 bytes)

Billy Hicks and Tommy Morgan checking the tow on right side of race truck.

09gt8.jpg (135436 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck (right) and Billy Hicks making adjustments to rear spoiler and deck lid.

09gt9.jpg (127001 bytes)

Chris Davis fixing area on windshield area of race truck to meet NASCAR template configuration.

09gt10.jpg (97846 bytes)

Chris Davis installing left front shock absorber before qualifying.

09gt2.jpg (172963 bytes)

Damage is evident to the right front fender and splitter of race truck after the truck exiting the race with rear end problems.


08gw1.jpg (150101 bytes)

The primary race truck for the Gateway Int. Raceway event on the plate for prepping.

08gw2.jpg (110156 bytes)

Gateway race back-up truck primed and waiting to be wrapped for the Westerman Companies sponsorship.

08gw3.jpg (111748 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell preparing the driver's compartment in the primary Gateway Int. Raceway race truck.

08gw4.jpg (117836 bytes)

Crew chief Gary Showalter cutting off the left front fender of the badly damaged Bristol race truck.



O'Reilly 200 | August 22, 2007 | Race 16 of 25

08br01.jpg (134593 bytes)

Brandon Miller ready to step into his race truck with the support of the Westerman Companies at Bristol.

08br02.jpg (95876 bytes)

Mays Meats, Ocean Potion and Sugar Grove Country Ham stepped up sponsorship for the Bristol race and have larger logo displays on the race 
truck's deck lid.

08br03.jpg (148931 bytes)

Virginia's Best Water guests sitting on pit wall before the race. Virginia's Best Water is an Official Supplier of Key Motorsports.

08br04.jpg (112443 bytes)

Gas man and co-truck driver Alvin Chodora cooking lunch for the team.

08br05.jpg (141571 bytes)

Intern Eric Monaco gets the "rookie stripe" treatment from teammates Chris Davis (left) and Shane Whitbeck in attending his very first NASCAR race for Key Motorsports.

08br06.jpg (115428 bytes)

College intern Eric Monaco helps prepare the engine compartment.

08br07.jpg (148043 bytes)

Shasne Whitebeck (right) install shock absorber under the eye of crew chief Gary Showalter.

08br08.jpg (142531 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell cleaning the driver's helmet.

08br09.jpg (136409 bytes)

Billy Hicks putting right rear wheel back on 
before practice.

08br033.jpg (120162 bytes)

The remains of the Bristol race truck after damaged areas have been cut away.

08br044.jpg (133796 bytes)

Billy Hicks taking out the rear end housing and axle from the nearly skinned Bristol truck.




08br111.jpg (124939 bytes)

The Bristol primary and back-up race trucks on the lifts being prepped.

08br222.jpg (138782 bytes)

Finishing touches being made to the primary #40 Bristol race truck.

08br333.jpg (90596 bytes)

Driver Brandon Miller working on his seat belts in Bristol 
race truck.

08br444.jpg (138233 bytes)

From left, Shane Whitbeck, Billy Hicks and Tommy Morgan working on the rear spoiler of primary Bristol race truck.


Toyota Tundra 200 | August 11, 2007 | Race 15 of 25

07ns8.jpg (163237 bytes)

Driver Brandon Miller joins the CSM for a photo with one their TV reality 
show's creations, 'LIFE LINE" behind it.


07ns6.jpg (116147 bytes)

The #40 race truck going through NASCAR inspection.

07ns9.jpg (152490 bytes)

Key Motorsports crew members and driver Brandon Miller pose for a photo with the CSM.

07ns11.jpg (104755 bytes)

Several CSM members help push the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet Silverado towards the garage stall.

07ns7.jpg (151358 bytes)

Four members of the Chrome Shop Mafia participate in pre-race press conference in Nashville to announce their new alliance with Key Motorsports.

07ns33.jpg (113736 bytes)

Westerman Companies President/CEO Terry McGhee watches repairs being made to his race truck.

07ns5.jpg (80013 bytes)

Key Motorsports VP of Operations Rich Rubenstein about to introduce the Chrome Shop Mafia's Bryan "Bossman" Martin at the Nashville press conference.

07ns4.jpg (144215 bytes)

The Westerman Companies Chevrolet sits on pit road before qualifying.

07ns22.jpg (127376 bytes)

Several Westerman Companies officials and family members watch the Nashville race action on the track's large video screen from the Key Motorsports pit area.

07ns10.jpg (150041 bytes)

A scraped up right rear fender being repaired after qualifying lap mishap.


07ns1.jpg (149850 bytes)

Key Motorsports horsepower ready for Nashville race.

07ns2.jpg (154528 bytes)

The primary and back-up Westerman Chevrolet Silverados going through prepping for next week's Nashville race.

07ns3.jpg (139374 bytes)

Construction and repair work underway on two other race trucks.


Power Stroke Diesel 200 presented by Ford and International 
July 27, 2007 | Race 14 of 25

07I1.jpg (109318 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck setting up the scales before practice in Indianapolis.


07I3.jpg (71326 bytes)

Tire changer Daniel Morgan elevating his damaged ankle after tweaking the injury following a pit stop.

07I4.jpg (137834 bytes)

Westerman Companies executive John Sulzman and his new wife Kim pose with Brandon Miller by the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet Silverado before the race.

07I5.jpg (99873 bytes)

Key Motorsports crew stands at attention on pit road during the playing of the National Anthem.

07I6.jpg (89952 bytes)

The jet dryers drying the O'Reilly Raceway Park race track before the start of the Friday night race.

07I7.jpg (77657 bytes)

Tim Taylor sweeping water from the #40 pit before the rain-delayed race.

07I8.jpg (117232 bytes)

Westerman Companies President and CEO Terry McGhee and driver Brandon Miller pose by the hood of the #40 race truck just before qualifying was canceled at Indy.


07I9.jpg (166369 bytes)

NASCAR inspectors are all over the Key Motorsports race truck during inspection.

07I10.jpg (115757 bytes)

The #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet is under cover as the race truck works its way through pre-practice inspection at Indy in the rain.

07I2.jpg (119385 bytes)

A crinkled right front fender and scrapes along the side after contact with the turn 2 wall are the only battle scars on the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet after the race.


07in1.jpg (34764 bytes)

Daniel Morgan (left) and Billy Hicks working on the engine compartment of the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet for the race in Indianapolis July 27.

07in2.jpg (35869 bytes)

The #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet taking shape for the next race in Indianapolis.

07in3.jpg (28657 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell installing the driver's seat in the Indianapolis race truck.

07in4.jpg (34080 bytes)

Summer intern Rachel George learning the marketing and sales ropes at Key Motorsports. Rachel is a senior-to-be at Penn State University.

07in5.jpg (37112 bytes)

Contractor Alan Tudor installing new air conditioning ducts in the Key Motorsports race shop.

07in55.jpg (105615 bytes)

Brandon Miller

07in66.jpg (123962 bytes)



07in44.jpg (39013 bytes)

Weight balance work being done on the primary Indy race truck.

07in33.jpg (29065 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter and crew member Jeff O'Farrell working on the wiring of the primary #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet race truck for Indy.

07in11.jpg (116712 bytes)  07in22.jpg (143061 bytes)



Built Ford Tough 225 presented by the Greater Cincinnati Ford Dealers
 July 14, 2007 | Race 13 of 25

07ky12.jpg (36341 bytes)

Tommy Morgan (center) listens to NASCAR inspector (left) during engine inspection before practice.

07ky2.jpg (42264 bytes)

Brandon Miller buckles in before making his qualifying run.

07ky3.jpg (34451 bytes)

Brandon Miller poses for a photo with Westerman Companies Executive VP Melissa Eaton (right) and her mother at the 
hospitality tent.

07ky4.jpg (30857 bytes)

Westerman Companies President and CEO Terry McGhee meeting with crew chief Gary Showalter on pit road before the start of the race.

07ky5.jpg (41467 bytes)

Westerman Companies President/CEO Terry McGhee poses with driver Brandon Miller alongside the #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet before the start of the race.

07ky6.jpg (28274 bytes)

Westerman Companies President/CEO Terry McGhee on Pit Box at the start of the race.

07ky7.jpg (30397 bytes)

The Key Motorsports pit is ready for action for its new sponsor, Westerman Companies

07ky8.jpg (45176 bytes)

Westerman Companies officials pose with driver Brandon Miller aside the Westerman Companies Chevrolet Silverado before qualifying.

07ky9.jpg (46642 bytes)

The Key Motorsports race truck shows off its Kentucky race sponsorships from Westerman Companies and the Home Suites 
of Florence, KY.

07ky10.jpg (33657 bytes)

Matt Eberly making repairs to air ducts inside driver's compartment.


07ky11.jpg (32112 bytes)

The colors and logo of the Westerman Companies is displayed on the #40 Key Motorsports Chevrolet that will compete this coming weekend at the Kentucky Speedway.

07ky33.jpg (39249 bytes)

The Westerman Companies logo jumps out on the hood of the #40 Chevrolet Silverado.

07ky22.jpg (35431 bytes)

Key Motorsports' first DEI-built engines 
ready for racing.

07ky110.jpg (54457 bytes)

Billy Hicks (facing camera), Tommy Morgan and Gary Showalter putting final touches to the primary Kentucky race truck.

07ky220.jpg (47127 bytes)

Work continues on the primary #40 Westerman Companies Chevrolet race trucks for Indianapolis and this week in Kentucky (on lift).

07ky440.jpg (26968 bytes)

One of the team's short track trucks with a new right side awaits the trip to the paint shop.

07ky55.jpg (23424 bytes)

Daniel and Tommy Morgan working on an axle.

07ky66.jpg (38427 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck watching the data as the primary Kentucky race truck is worked over on the team's pull down rig.

07ky77.jpg (31929 bytes)

Tommy and Daniel Morgan work underneath the Kentucky race truck and Brad Neely from the top during final prep work on the pull down rig.

O'Reilly 200 | June 30, 2007 | Race 12 of 25


07mp00.jpg (43204 bytes)

Crew unloads the Curtis key Plumbing Chevrolet at Memphis.

07mp66.jpg (41796 bytes)

Daniel Morgan making some adjustments under the hood of the race track during practice.

07mp011.jpg (39705 bytes)

Tim Taylor busy repairing the team's generator.

07mp022.jpg (33767 bytes)

Matt Eberly working on the wiring inside the race truck's console.

07mp033.jpg (25665 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell working on a bolt mount under the hood.

07mp44.jpg (24818 bytes)

Billy Hicks working on the brake caliper on the right front of the race truck.

07mp55.jpg (34938 bytes)

Driver Stacy Compton (left), crew chief Gary Showalter(center)and Director of Competition Tommy Morgan checking data after a practice run.

07mp99.jpg (30134 bytes)

Stacy Compton pulls the #40 race truck off of pit road just before the start of the O'Reilly 200.


07mp77.jpg (9941 bytes)

A full moon begins to ascend over the grandstand of the Memphis Motorsports Park just after final practice on Friday night.

07mp88.jpg (38565 bytes)

The Key Motorsports crew awaits the playing of the National Anthem just before race time at Memphis.

07mp01.jpg (39967 bytes)

One of Nashville's leading song writers and country singer David Grey performs for the Memphis crowd before the race. Grey will be performing for Key Motorsports sponsors at several events this year.


07mp11.jpg (31617 bytes)

Crew chief Gary Showalter working on the right front wheel of the Memphis back-up track.

07mp33.jpg (37394 bytes)  

The Key Motorsports primary and back-up race trucks for Memphis getting prepared.

07mp22.jpg (19143 bytes)

The Key Motorsports transporter now displays the Westerman Companies logo in preparation for the race team's 4-race sponsorship program with the Bremen, Ohio company.


Toyota Tundra Milwaukee 200 | June 22, 2007 | Race 11 of 25


07mw99.jpg (32227 bytes)

Crew pushes the Key Motorsports #40 towards the inspection line.

07mw88.jpg (26695 bytes)

Rich Rubenstein spotting during practice.

07mw77.jpg (28421 bytes)

The start-finish line at the famed Milwaukee Mile taken from the spotter's stand.

07mw66.jpg (32793 bytes)

Shane adjusting his seat belts in the cockpit of the #40 Curtis Key Plumbing Chevrolet before practice.


07mw55.jpg (30685 bytes)

Gary Showalter (right)and Shane Huffman discuss race truck set-up before start of practice.

07mw44.jpg (30886 bytes)

The Curtis Key Plumbing Chevrolet sits in its work stall on pit road at the Milwaukee Mile during practice .

07mw33A.jpg (36549 bytes)

Matt Eberly working on side skirt of race truck.

07mw22A.jpg (39689 bytes)

Tommy Morgan prepping engine.

07mw11A.jpg (163764 bytes)

Mat Eberly and Shane Whitbeck check tow-in measurements 
before first practice.


Prep Photos for Milwaukee 


07mw11.jpg (30998 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell (left) and Billy Hicks getting engine ready for test run in primary race truck.

07mw22.jpg (24913 bytes)

Chris Davis cutting out screens for grill in back-up Milwaukee race truck.

07mw33.jpg (36759 bytes)

Tommy Morgan testing race engine in primary truck.

Michigan 200 | June 16, 2007 | Race 10 of 25


Michigan_2007_Race_Photos027.jpg (41794 bytes)

Matt Eberly and Shane Whitbeck check tow-in prior to first practice session.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos025.jpg (39722 bytes)

Clay Rogers heads back out onto race track after some practice session adjustments.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos024.jpg (41517 bytes)

Crew makes adjustments to the #40 Curtis key Plumbing Chevrolet during practice.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos021.jpg (43709 bytes)

The #40 goes through NASCAR technical inspection before qualifying.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos016.jpg (27163 bytes)

Matt Eberly setting up scales in the garage area.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos015.jpg (47175 bytes)

Tommy Morgan adjusting front shocks before practice.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos013.jpg (38366 bytes)

Daniel Morgan helping with brake adjustments in the driver's seat.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos010.jpg (32701 bytes)

Clay shares a laugh with crew members inside the 
team hauler.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos009.jpg (30800 bytes)

Billy Hicks kneeling by pit wall awaiting next pit stop during race.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos008.jpg (26401 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter adjusting the computer screen just before the start of the race from atop the pit box.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos006.jpg (33689 bytes)

Clay straps on his helmet in the cockpit before 
start of race.

Michigan_2007_Race_Photos004.jpg (34160 bytes)

Daniel Morgan practicing his tire changing routine in pits.

Michigan Prep Photo's


07MI1.jpg (36999 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter supervising engine preparation under the hood of the Michigan race truck.

07MI3.jpg (33339 bytes)

The pieces are being put together to one of the team's re-built short track trucks.

07MI2.jpg (39205 bytes)

The Michigan back-up truck getting the once over.

Sam's Town 400 | June 08, 2007 | Race 9 of 25


07tx1.jpg (48195 bytes)

Clay Rogers joins a dozen other NCTS drivers for a special autograph session at the Craftsman Tools display at the Texas Motor Speedway
 midway on race day.

07tx2.jpg (33929 bytes)

Clay being interviewed by Adam Amick , host of The Rubbin's Racing Radio 
Show in Texas.

07tx3.jpg (42133 bytes)

Clay Rogers introduces himself to the Texas race crowd during Driver Introductions.

07tx4.jpg (34741 bytes)

Tire specialist Clint Myrick getting rubber ready for practice.

07tx5.jpg (37559 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter checking on weight measurements.

07tx6.jpg (29579 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck working on splitter measuring device.

07tx7.jpg (38541 bytes)

Shane Whitbeck taking right rear height measurements during practice.


AAA Insurance 200 | June 1, 2007 | Race 8 of 25


Dover_2007_Race_Photos024.jpg (128987 bytes)

A NASCAR official inspects the right front suspension under the watchful eye of Tommy Morgan.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos023.jpg (134680 bytes)

Matt Eberly working on window net of race truck prior to first Dover 


Dover_2007_Race_Photos018.jpg (109421 bytes)

The 2FatGuys American Grill staff printed up special T-shirts to commemorate 
their affiliation with Key Motorsports.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos017.jpg (119117 bytes)

The staff from the 2FatGuys American Grill and Catering Company begin to set up their hospitality and cooking area for the weekend.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos015.jpg (130182 bytes)

The team unloads the race truck for Dover action.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos010.jpg (127550 bytes)

Members of the 2FatGuys American Grill management staff pose by their decal on the #40 Key Motorsports Chevrolet at Dover.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos007.jpg (149287 bytes)

Brad Neely (left) works on the wheel alignment while Daniel and Tommy Morgan work under the hood prior to Dover qualifying.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos003.jpg (157016 bytes)

VP of Operations Rich Rubenstein waxing down the hood before qualifying.

Dover_2007_Race_Photos002.jpg (150585 bytes)

Key Motorsports crew members begin to eat one of the four meals prepared for them by the 2FatGuys American grill at the race track during the weekend.


Dover Prep Photo's

07dover1.jpg (162014 bytes)

Transport driver Tim Taylor using the warm North Carolina sun to dry out the rain-soaked pop-up tents used extensively 
by the race team in Mansfield last Saturday.

07dover2.jpg (174396 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell installs the 2FatGuys American Grill decal on the Dover 
race truck.

07dover3.jpg (163945 bytes)

Daniel Morgan prepares to put race engine into the primary Dover truck.


NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Ohio 250 
| May 26, 2007 | Race 7 of 25

07ms1.jpg (102325 bytes)

Clay shaking hands with VIP's during driver introductions.

07ms2.jpg (125548 bytes)

Gary and Tommy wait out a rain delay by talking race strategy with Clay.

07ms3.jpg (129458 bytes)

Daniel Morgan catches some shut-eye on some race tires waiting out one of 
the rain delays.

07ms10.jpg (124574 bytes)

Crew Chief Gary Showalter and driver Clay Rogers discuss set-up strategy.

07ms5.jpg (121350 bytes)

Key Motorsports crew lined up for the National Anthem.

07ms6.jpg (105327 bytes)

Frank being interviewed by 93.7 FM "The Eagle" radio before the race.

07ms7.jpg (122630 bytes)

Frank Kreyer and wife Michelle, who is expecting the couple's first child in July, await qualifying.

07ms8.jpg (123027 bytes)

Curtis Key Plumbing Chevrolet crew push the #40 into position for qualifying.

07ms9.jpg (172382 bytes)

Culver's Restaurants Chevrolet going through NASCAR inspection.

07ms4.jpg (157229 bytes)

Frank giving Clay some info on the race track in Madison, WI where Rogers was to run a Hooter's Pro Cup event Saturday night. Kreyer races the 
track in his super late model on a regular basis.

Mansfield Prep Race Photo's

07CV1.jpg (38185 bytes)

Work progresses on Culver's Chevrolet for Mansfield race and driver Frank Kreyer.

07CV2.jpg (33428 bytes)

#40 Mansfield race truck on the prep plate.

07CV3.jpg (33783 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell and Doyle Myrick working on fuel cell of #40 Mansfield race truck

07CV4.jpg (32594 bytes)

Morgan and Showalter checking over the Culver's #44 Mansfield race truck

07CV5.jpg (144573 bytes)

The #44 Culver's Chevrolet Silverado will see action again this weekend in Mansfield.

07CV6.jpg (134760 bytes)

Gary Showalter and Tommy Morgan inspecting hubs and brake calipers of #40 Mansfield race truck.


Quaker Steak and Lube 200 presented by Circle K 
May 18, 2007 | Race 6 of 25


07CH1.jpg (147101 bytes)

A Steaz Beverages ice barrel is displayed at back of trailer in the garage area providing samples of the popular Steaz Energy
 drink to everyone.

07CH2.jpg (120245 bytes)

Shane Huffman waits in driver's seat for adjustments to be made during practice.

07CH3.jpg (130783 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell welding fuel cell brackets.


O'Reilly Auto Parts 250 | April 28, 2007 | Race 5 of 25

707ks1.jpg (94993 bytes)

Clay Rogers all smiles before the start of the race.

707ks2.jpg (150261 bytes)

Clay climbs into the #40 Curtis Key Plumbing Chevrolet before the start of the race.

707ks3.jpg (147904 bytes)

Clay waves to the crowd after being introduced to the 81,000-plus race fans during driver introductions.

707ks4.jpg (137067 bytes)

Barry checks the height of the rear of the race truck.

707ks5.jpg (109997 bytes)

The Key Motorsports tractor sits in its garage area berth after bringing the transporter to the Kansas City race track.

707ks6.jpg (104264 bytes)

Crew pushing truck to the inspection line before qualifying.

707ks7.jpg (94880 bytes)

Nacho Whitehead making a spring adjustment to the race truck.

707ks8.jpg (103012 bytes)

A NASCAR official shows crew chief Barry Dodson about an issue with a template.

707ks9.jpg (124990 bytes)

Clay Rogers buckles in for his first practice run.

707ks10.jpg (97153 bytes)

Clay and Barry check over the weight readings on the scales during a break in practice.

707ks11.jpg (148253 bytes)

The #40 is next out to qualify.

707ks12.jpg (83018 bytes)

The Healthy Beverage Company's Steaz product logo joins the list of team product sponsors on the #40 Chevrolet at Kansas City.


Truck Prep Photo's


0704pr1.JPG (169225 bytes)

Its Winter fest time at Key Motorsports as work continues on the preparation 
of the primary and back-up Daytona and California race trucks.

0704pr2.JPG (165155 bytes)

The new nose of the newly designed Key Motorsports Chevrolet Silverado seems ominous as it awaits final 
preparation for the Daytona opener.

707prep1.JPG (163909 bytes)

Three race trucks in different stages of development in Key Motorsports race shop.


Pit Stop Practice at Key Motorsports

Pit_Crew_Practice_Shots_002.jpg (160429 bytes)

Pit crew working on right side of truck during pit practice

Pit_Crew_Practice_Shots_003.jpg (173617 bytes)

Right side tire change practice

Pit_Crew_Practice_Shots_005.jpg (188291 bytes)

Middle of a 16.7-second practice pit stop


Steaz Beverage Comes to Key Motorsports

Steaz_Beverage_Photos_021.jpg (167341 bytes)
The Key Motorsports team surrounds Steaz organic green tea beverage Southeast Regional Sales Manager Ron Germain (top, center) after introducing them to the company’s products.

Steaz_Beverage_Photos_002.jpg (82839 bytes)

Clay Rogers welcomes Steaz Beverage Southeast Regional Sales Manager Ron Germain to the Key Motorsports family. Steaz is the latest product sponsor to partner 
with the team.

Steaz_Beverage_Photos_016.jpg (103345 bytes)

Ron Germain introduces the Steaz organic green tea soda and energy drink prodict line to Key Motorsports employees.

Steaz_Beverage_Photos_018.jpg (141282 bytes)

The Steaz organic green tea product van meets the Key Motorsports race trucks in the team's Mooresville, NC
 race shop.


Kansas Race Prep Photos


07prks.jpg (82320 bytes)

Office Manager Molly Houser poses with a birthday cake - a look a like of her birthday present from Curtis - her new puppy Chase!

07prks1.jpg (120847 bytes)

Kansas City race truck on the surface plate being prepared for the paint shop.

07prks2.jpg (127734 bytes)

Jeff O'Farrell working on the Kansas City primary race truck that Clay Rogers
 will drive.

07prks3.jpg (109642 bytes)

Key Motorsports' new pull-down rig should give the team a chassis advantage over the competition.


07prks4.jpg (78446 bytes)

The race team's new transporter awaiting sponsor procurement for a full-time run with the 44 truck.

07prks5.jpg (74969 bytes)

New pit and tool boxes await use with the full-time 44 team run.


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